New Year Specials:

Want to set New Year's Goals energetically? Try Energy Kinesiology!

Rejuvenation combination of (50 min.) massage and (50 min.) cleansing facial $160.00.

Image Retail Items in Stock are 15% discounted!
Stress balances 30 min. for $45.00
Introduction Sessions for Stress relief and relaxation combo (25 min. energy balancing and 25 min. massage) for $85.00

Want a new energy boost ? Try energy balancing ! Skype Sessions are available.
Gift Certificates can be emailed to your loved ones! Call (561) 686-4454 to reserve your gift certificates!


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Essential oils are from concentrated plant extracts.  Over 25% of prescription drugs are derived from plants.  Essential oils have been used medicinally to kill bacteria and viruses.  The wonderful fragrances are also used to balance moods, lift spirits and remove negative emotions.  Some of the oils stimulate the nervous system and also assist in pain relief.  I use Young Living Essential oils on specific points on your body to balance your emotions and balance your energies. You will feel calm and grounded after this special treatment.