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Introduction Sessions for Stress relief and relaxation combo (25 min. energy balancing and 25 min. massage) for $85.00

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What is “Touch for Health (TFH) Kinesiology”?

Touch for Health is an exciting holistic system that was developed in the 1970’s by a chiropractor named Dr. John Thie. It is based on the Chinese meridian system and integrates touch reflex techniques from the chiropractic modalities. TFH teaches how to muscle test to identify muscular and energetic imbalances in the body. There is a muscle test that correspond to each of the 14 Chinese meridians. Muscle testing acts like a “biofeedback meter”, where your body is responding to help you heal itself. This biofeedback mechanism provides clarity in helping you to make healthy choices, assists in making life transitions, and balances the body so you are in a state of health and not “dis-ease”.

How can kinesiology help me?

Kinesiology can help with postural imbalances and muscle imbalances. When energy doesn’t freely flow to a muscle, it can cause weakness and the opposing muscle can reflect the pain. The weak muscle is causing the pain and not the tight muscle that hurts. E.g. weak quadriceps often end up with tight hamstrings. Kinesiology can also balance reactive behavior patterns (sabotage patterns of thinking) caused by stress or anxiety. It also assists with goal setting. By balancing the goal to the body’s energy flows, it takes the anxiety out of the stressful goal. E.g. fear of public speaking

What causes blockages in our energy flows?

Blockages or where the circuit breakers are activated by physical stress such as repetitive exercise or work injuries, emotional stress such as anxiety, mental and even on the spiritual level. Nutrition can also affect the flow of energy to the muscles and body.

How can I learn about Touch for Health?

Dr. John Thie has a book that has just been re-released called “Touch for Health”. I am a certified TFH instructor and teach levels 1-4. Each level is 15 hours and taught over a weekend.

Can anyone take this course?

TFH was created for the average person to balance the energies of their families. Massage therapists, personal trainers, physical therapists, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and any one who is interested is welcome to come and learn. When Western medicine can’t explain something, trying an alternative holistic balancing technique may relieve pain and discomfort.

Can we diagnose or cure something with TFH?

We do not use TFH to diagnose medical conditions. We also can not promise to cure diseases. TFH is used to balance the energies or meridian flows of the body so a feeling of well-being is achieved, both physically and mentally.

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Integrated Healing Kinesiology  (Creator and Instructor Mathilda Van Dyk, Bristol England)

Turning kinesiology into kin-‘easy’-ology

Integrated Healing is a revolutionary healing system that combines the best of Psychology, NLP, CBT, Life
Coaching, Quantum Science, Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology and many other
modalities, with its own unique methodologies, to give you a profound yet simple approach to healing.
After 20 years of researching holistic healing, attending over 100 courses and consulting with experienced
healers, the founders Mathilda van Dyk and Nic Oliver wanted to focus on the issues that most healing
modalities don’t address, find challenging or have limited success with.
These fascinating and fun-filled courses enable you to learn Integrated Healing as well as providing you
with a few days of ‘you-time’ packed with opportunities for healing and growth for yourself.
Integrated Healing’s holographic approach and simple structured protocol, enables new and experienced
kinesiologists to help clients who are seeking deep and lasting relief from a wide range of emotional,
spiritual, neurological, mental and physical dysfunctions.
For the newly qualified kinesiologist: Integrated Healing will instil confidence by adding structure, safety,
flow and depth to your balances as well as giving you a wide range of tools for your ‘tool kit’.
For the experienced kinesiologist: One of the benefits of the Integrated Healing approach is that nothing
you have learned is redundant. The Healing Pathways Protocol will be a powerful add-on, rather than a
replacement, for what you already do. Many experienced practitioners have switched to using IH as the
basis for all of their balances, using their existing tools and modalities within the simple and safe, yet
extremely powerful, framework of the IH structure to ensure deep and long-lasting balances.
The focus is very different to most kinesiologies, as you will see from the following summary of
some of the benefits of Integrated Healing(IH):
 IH is a Holographic system, addressing the ‘total being’
 IH does away with the need for Hip-and-Jaw stacking
 IH re-introduces the power of ancient hands-on healing techniques
 IH takes away the ‘what-to-do-next’ worry by being guided by the wisdom of the client’s body
 IH gives you a protocol template to confidently address any issue a client can possibly present
 IH uses simple protocols to deal with difficult issues like Self-Sabotage & Deep Level Switching
 IH integrates the healing on every dimension of the client’s being
 IH includes built-in safety tests that prevent healing crises
 IH incorporates the ‘tools-for-change’ used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) to:
• Ensure that the client creates a clearly defined outcome
• Confirm that the client ‘Chooses’ their new healed state
• Expose any secondary gain programs that may hinder the client’s healing
• Fill the ‘void’ that may be left by clearing redundant programs
• Make sure that the client ‘Owns’ their healed state
• Test and reinforce the client’s ‘Knowing and Believing’ that healing has taken place
When we were questioning the simplicity of Integrated Healing, and whether healing could really be this
easy, this quote from Diana Cooper inspired and reassured us:
“If it is complicated, it’s from ego. Spirit is simple.”

Working Holographically enables us to use simple protocols for difficult-to-deal-with issues
such as:
 Sabotage & Survival Programs  Deep Level Neurological Switching
 Inner Child Healing  Clearing Negative Amygdala Memories
 Soul Integration  Clearing Self-Limiting Beliefs
 Chakra Gateways  Restoring Blueprint States
 Cutting Energetic Cords  Clearing Phobias & Anxiety
 Invasive Energies  Chamber of Memories
 Age Recession  Clearing Redundant Vows
 Assemblage Point  Physical Dysfunctions
Spreading around the world:
Integrated Healing has spread rapidly into many different countries. There are now IH practitioners in
England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Norway, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia,
Japan, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the USA.
Integrated Healing is one of only a few kinesiologies to have received the prestigious accreditation from the
Australian Kinesiology Association. Both the Kinesiology Colleges of Ireland and Japan have also included IH
as part of their curriculum.

What Students have said about Integrated Healing Courses:
I have done many, many kinesiology courses and Integrated Healing is by far the best course I have ever
done. Since I’ve started to use IH, my practice has become so busy that I am booked months in advance. –
Keita Saito, Founder of the Japanese Kinesiology School, Japan
Many students are looking for advanced workshops to complement their current systems. They want more
power, simplicity, maybe something really different, and good manuals. Integrated Healing delivers on all
levels. I highly recommend IH to students who are open to new ideas and want to access and clear deep
issues for their clients. – Philip Rafferty, Founder of Kinergetics and RESET, Australia
Fabulous! So simple, so helpful, so effective, so complete. It is so workable, I will be able to create even
more depth to my clients’ healing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Mary de Tute, Co-developer
Edutherapy, Co-Founder Divine Healing Master Key, Co-developer Sekebal, UK
I feel I now have that ‘missing something’ I’ve been searching for. Huge CONGRATULATIONS on the great
results of your work. – Lee-Anne MacLeod, Chairperson Aus Kin Assoc & Brain Gym Edu-K Network,

I cannot explain how much I have enjoyed this course. It has elevated me beyond my expectations. Thank
you for sharing your knowledge, empathy and wonderful spirit with us. The work you have channelled
(created) is one of the most inspiring I have been exposed to. AND AFTER MATHILDA CLEARED MY
LIBERATED! WOW! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! – Simone Pilakoutas, South Africa

Absolutely life-changing! Hard to believe something so simple can be so powerful! – Valeria Nutt, Dubai
Uplifting! Absolutely wonderful! Every kinesiologist has to do this course! – Anna Szazs, Malaysia
Great personal shifts in this workshop! Enjoyed the Self-Empowerment! – Janine Haeusler, Hong Kong

Integrated Healing re-ignited my passion for kinesiology. – Christabelle Merrilees, Australia
Integrated Healing is phenomenal! I use the IH protocol as a basis for all my healing work. Thank you
Mathilda & Nic for being part of the Universal channel to make this happen. – Kana Kanagasingam,
For course content and more information see www.integratedhealing.co.uk

FOUNDATIONS OF INTEGRATED HEALING (7.5 hr)  $175.00https://www.thehealingpathmassage.com/purchase/

This is the beginner’s introduction course to a holistic system called “Integrated Healing” which is an energy system that includes kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles, neurolinguistic programming, and quantum physics principles.  This teaches the student how to accurately prepare and test an indicator muscle for muscle testing.  The student will be introduced to energy healing through the Chakras, Chinese Alarm Points, and Body Scan to find energy blockages.  They will be introduced to Goal setting, adding information to the energy circuit to create the vibrational frequency that needs to be balanced.  You will learn the following correction protocols for pain, known emotional states, negative emotional states, and stress.  This course prepares you to take the rest of the other 4 Integrated Healing classes in June 2013, taught by founder, Mathilda van Dyk who is coming from England.  Massage CE’s provided for this class. Also open to the public.

MUSCLE TESTING FOR TRIGGER POINTS AND FOOD CHOICES (4.5 hr.)  $90   Combined w/Foundations ($250.00)

The student will learn how to locate trigger points using proper Muscle Testing techniques.  Using kinesiology techniques, energetically learn how to relax tight muscles without the use of deep trigger point techniques.  You will learn a neck and back routine, using muscle testing to locate trigger points and energy blockages on the body and in the auric field. Food also  can energetically weaken muscles.  Use Muscle testing to determine which foods and supplements are best to be ingested for optimum body/muscle health and performance.  Massage CE are provided for this course. Also open to the public.

TOP TEN PAIN RELEASERS (8.0 hr.) $160.00

This kinesiology course is created by Arlene Green, LMT from Chapel Hill with over 30 years of kinesiology and Touch for Health experience. This fun workshop will equip the massage therapist with a wide variety of highly effective kinesiology techniques to reduce or alleviate pain right at your fingertips while you are massaging your client on the table. This is a gentle method and easy to learn skills that integrate Applied Kinesiology, energy work, muscle testing, polarity, acupressure and various reflex techniques. The massage therapist will learn the following techniques: auricular massage, meridian massage, neurolymphatic reflex points, Specific Neuromuscular reset of muscle fibers, emotional stress release techniques, neurovascular emotional stress release balance, reducing muscle spasms with spindle cell techniques, energy stroking, music for back pain relief and Brazilian toe massage. The above techniques help with tight neck muscles, reduces sleep imbalances, increases energy flow, speed healing from injuries, releases the body’s stress, elevates moods, eases menstrual cramping, and reduces nausea. No prerequisites. some of the above techniques are based on “Touch for Health” energy kinesiology principles.