New Year Specials:

Want to set New Year's Goals energetically? Try Energy Kinesiology!

Rejuvenation combination of (50 min.) massage and (50 min.) cleansing facial $160.00.

Image Retail Items in Stock are 15% discounted!
Stress balances 30 min. for $45.00
Introduction Sessions for Stress relief and relaxation combo (25 min. energy balancing and 25 min. massage) for $85.00

Want a new energy boost ? Try energy balancing ! Skype Sessions are available.
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Therapeutic Massage or Deep Tissue Massage

I incorporate a osteopathic technique called “Muscle Energy Technique” (MET) in to my therapeutic massages. I do structural alignment by doing isometric stretches to release joints. I check leg length, pelvic bone alignment, and check the balance of your sacrum. I also incorporate trigger point and neuromuscular techniques in therapeutic massage. This technique is great for low back pain.